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Point of view jazz ensemble

The “Point of View” Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Harvey Lockhart, is a progressive ensemble that performs a variety of jazz and positive popular music at over 50 public and private events per year. This ensemble has drastically impacted the lives of its students and has truly established a sense of family and pride. POV has established a reputation of producing exceptional young professional musicians, teaching students the importance of self-discipline, time management, communication, and unity. Instrumental music fundamentals, jazz history and advanced music theory are also taught in order to provide a deeper understanding of music.

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Bird seeds

The Birdseeds is a small ensemble that was designed to give an experience similar to P.O.V to younger and/or beginner students (ages 7-11). In addition, The Birdseeds ensemble allows students to begin practicing their craft sooner and be able to transition smoothly into more advanced groups (such as POV) once they are ready.


North county big band

This collaborative big band is made up of some of the most talented and dedicated students from several St. Louis, Missouri area urban and suburban high schools. The program focuses on music literacy and jazz improvisation in the big band setting.

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