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Intellectual Artist Series

HEAL Center for the Arts is hosting a program in partnership with the Lewis and Clark branch of the Saint Louis County Libraries that is geared toward increasing literacy in arts education. The "Intellectual Artist Series" bring arts students and community members alike together to enhance their knowledge of the history and culture of the various art forms they are studying by reading autobiographies, biographies, and other nonfiction arts-related books and articles. 



The “Through Our Eyes Concert Series” is geared toward presenting conflict resolution strategies that address the points of stress and trauma in society and the ways in which they contribute to social change. The concert series “Through Our Eyes” challenges the systemic oppressive systems of Missouri that breed violence, trauma, and poverty by spreading love and hope through the visual and performing arts. Students of HEAL Center for the Arts’s “Point of View” and “Bird Seeds” Jazz ensembles will have the opportunity to study the historical impact of overt racism in their communities. Such trauma informed training will stimulate and inform artistic expressions that will encourage healing from both internal and external conflict. 


Students will be trained to express themselves through instrumental and vocal music, photography, and videography. Students will also be trained on how to maintain their art through marketing strategies and business acumen.

Trumpet Player

summer jazz camp

Students participating in the camp will be taught a rigorous curriculum focusing on historical, theoretical, and practical jazz concepts. Additional topics the students will explore include:


  • Music Business Acumen 

  • Marketing 

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Music Performance 

  • Music Technology 

  • Video Recording 

  • Social Media Marketing and Platform usage 

  • Music Composition 

  • Jazz Swing Dance 

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Small Group Instrumental and Vocal Music Lessons

HEAL Center for the Arts is partnering with musicians from the St. Louis Symphony and other highly skilled professional musicians and educators to offer weekly group lessons to instrumental and vocal music students in urban communities. This program reaches approximately 60 students from urban school districts in St. Louis, Missouri and E. St. Louis, Illinois.

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