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Intellectual Artist Series

The Intellectual Artist Series is geared toward increasing literacy in urban arts education. The "Intellectual Artist" series encourages arts students and educators from urban communities to enhance their knowledge of the history and culture of the various art forms they are studying by reading autobiographies, biographies, and other non-fictional arts-related books and articles. Students will engage in meaningful weekly discussions and will even complete book reports or article reviews that will be evaluated by a professional literacy team provided by HEAL Center for the Arts. Once students have read and completed the curriculum for the book that has been designed by HEAL's literacy team or purchased through an external source, students and educators will attend a book review and signing in which they will engage in a dialogue with the author. Our goal is to have arts students read at least two books per school year.


The "Intellectual Artist" series is a supplemental resource that supports the cognitive development of arts students and educators. We believe that great artists possess historical, theoretical, and practical knowledge of their art which enables them to interpret and create high quality art that is both informed and meaningful.

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