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Summer Jazz Camp 2021

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July 26th-August 6th, 2021

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2021 Summer Jazz Camp Featuring Adam Larson as guest teaching artist

“HEAL Center for the Arts” is launching a two (2) week summer jazz camp July 26th- August 6th, 2021 at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. The cost of camp is $125. Some scholarships are available. Students participating in this camp will be taught a rigorous curriculum focusing on historical, theoretical and practical concepts that will stimulate and enhance their artistic abilities, preparing them to be dominant competitors for college scholarships and or arts employment. 

HEAL Center for the Arts is sensitive to its students’ needs and has developed a camp that will enable students to learn and practice their craft. Students will also learn the necessary business tools that will enable them to support their art. The following is a list of topics that students can expect to learn.


  1. Jazz History 

  2. Jazz Theory 

  3. Applied Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

  4. Music Business Acumen

  5. Marketing

  6. Financial Literacy 

  7. Music Performance

  8. Video Recording

  9. Social Media Marketing and Platform usage

  10. Music Composition

  11. Photography and Videography

  12. Swing Dance


Summer 2021 Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

In addition, we are preparing students for our new student led pop-up concert series (Through our Eyes). The concert series “Through Our Eyes” challenges the systemic oppressive systems of Missouri that breed violence, trauma, and poverty by spreading love and hope through the visual and performing arts.

Students of HEAL Center for the Arts’s “Point of View” Jazz ensemble will have the opportunity to study the historical impact of overt racism in their communities. Such trauma informed training will stimulate and inform artistic expressions that will encourage healing from both internal and external conflict.



  1. Adam Larson- Guest teaching Artist-

  2. Harvey Lockhart- Founder/Director-

  3. Brandon Brinkley- Video, Photography, and social media-

   4. Christian Frommelt- Jazz Dance Instructor

   5. Catherine Grant- Voice and Business Acumen Instructor 

   6. Adam Larson- Guest teaching Artist-

   7.  Jan Shapiro- Vocal Music

   8.  Anthony Wiggins- Combo Instructor

   9. Montez Coleman- Percussion Instructor

*There are a few more instructors that are pending.

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